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The cost at this point is in the $$70 range
These are the ORIGINAL Blue jackets that have
become a trademark of our Alumni.  
If you are interested, please see
Don Kline for more details
"Champions United Ring"
Did you miss your chance to get an official
Reading Buccaneers " Champions Ring" ?

Not to worry...... We are again making it possible for
to get a "Champions Ring"
dedicated to the 1965, 1968, 1979 and 1980 Championship years
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for details, or
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Todays  Drum & Bugle Corps HISTORY LESSON
"Our Alumni D&B Corps"
Invites ALL Buccaneers young and old......Interested in joining us ?
Even if you are
NOT a former Buccaneer and  wanted to be a part of a Drum Corps
but didn't know what to do.......and if you can still play, we can rekindle the flame from within.
This may be  
YOUR   time to check us out.
Reading Buccaneer Alumni Performing  Drum and Bugle Corps.
We long to see all our "Buccaneer Family" on deck,and welcome anyone who just wants to play again.
Even if you never marched with  a Drum & Bugle Corps,
Come visit us at our next gathering...Friday August 16th 730pm at Jim Dietrich Park
Remember, New Members are  
For more info, contact
President Rob Danner  rldrdg118@aol.com

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Membership Night and First Rehearsal
Muhlenburg HS -
"Come Early and Bring a Friend"
See Presidents Message
MITM 4/27/2019 -  Audio & Video
courtesy of Tony White
Audio of Full Show
4-27-19 Bucs Alumni, MITM
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Spring Preview 5/11/2019 -  Video ONLY
courtesy of Tony White
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True Blue Award form
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July 4th Wyomissing Parade Photos
Courtesy of Tara H.
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*****  Just for those that missed this Parade ******
Here is the 2018 Reading Holiday Parade  
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November 9 at 8:57 AM
The Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps is proud to announce that the following individuals will be inducted into
the Buccaneers Hall of Fame at the Buccaneers’ annual banquet on November 30:

CHUCK JACOBS - Tuba player, Horn Sergeant, Drum Major, Tuba Instructor, Big Sounds in Motion Chairperson;

JOHN SANDO - Baritone player in both Buccaneers and Buccaneer Alumni, Alumni Association Secretary, dedicated
volunteer; and

MARK THURSTON - Ensemble Director and Program Consultant, marching percussion innovator and living legend.

Each of these individuals has made an indelible impact on the
Buccaneers and represents the best of what being a Buccaneer is all about.

Please join us in congratulating Chuck, John and Mark on their well-deserved recognition
for their contributions to the legacy of the Reading Buccaneers!
Congratulations  the newest member of the
Buccaneer Hall of Fame
Baritone player in both Buccaneers,
Buccaneer Alumni,  and
Alumni Association Secretary, and
dedicated volunteer.
John has made an indelible impact on the Buccaneers and
represents the best of what being a Buccaneer is all about.
Please join us in congratulating John on his well-deserved recognition for his
contributions to the legacy of the Reading Buccaneers!