To ALL Buccaneers young and old...Interested in joining us ?
Even if you are NOT a former Buccaneer and  wanted to be a part of a Drum Corps but didn't know what to do.......
If you can still play we can rekindle the flame from within.
This may be  
YOUR   time to check out the
Reading Buccaneer Alumni Performing Drum and Bugle Corps.
We long to see all our "Buccaneer Family" on deck,
and welcome anyone who just wants to play again.
Even if you never marched with  a Drum & Bugle Corps,

Come visit us at our next gathering...
Friday February 3rd, 2017
Time:  7:30PM
Remember, New Members are ALWAYS WELCOME.
For more info, contact
Randy Mutter
or Rob Danner
Well  Dressed  Pirate !
keep warm while looking cool
We are putting together an order for Alumni Jackets.  
The cost at this point is in the $$70 range
(maybe less, probably not more).  
These are the ORIGINAL Blue jackets that have
become a trademark of our Alumni.  
If you are interested, please see
Don Kline for more details
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June 2015 Edition
"Champions United Ring"
Did you miss your chance to get an official
Reading Buccaneers " Champions Ring" ?

Not to worry...... We are again making it possible for
to get a "Champions Ring"
dedicated to the 1965, 1968, 1979 and 1980 Championship years
Please email Don Kline at  
for details, or
FILL OUT the order form BELOW and email to Don..
Champions Ring Order Form
"Official Jacket"
RDrum and Bugle Corps  
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Musical Repertoires
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from 1965 - 2013
History of the Buccaneers
Podcast Episode 60
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Historical Data
from 1965 - 1972
This is the beginning of a comprehensive
database in which historical information,
including names of the people who managed
and instructed the corps and the music played
by the corps in each year of the corps' history,
from its founding in 1957 to the present
will be stored for access.
NEW Info added
* Veterans  Day Concert  Photos
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* 2017 Calender
* 2016 Anchor Magazine
*  Presidents Message - 1/15/2017
*  Next Rehearsal-1/15/2017
*  Don Klines Message-1/5/17
*  Todays D&B Corps History Lesson-1/13/17
*  John Flowers Drum Line Message
*  HDJ Run-Thru with Percussion-1/23/17
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Donnie Kline
Ahoy matey.

I wanted to thank everyone who helped make our first Sheetz booklet event a success.  
We were able to put an extra $200 in Ned's Fund which will help pay tuition for a
Reading Buccaneer (or two) while giving a product with a great value and long
expiration date.

Now I need your help - we need to have all monies turned in at rehearsal January 6.  
The Exec Board has already paid Sheetz for all the booklets.  
Please make sure you see me with your cash, or check made out to the Bucs Alumni
with a note "Sheetz" on it,  to pay off the booklets.  
We would like to do another Sheetz program in concert season this year so we need to
get the first one locked up and put to rest.

Please email or call me if you have any questions, or will not make rehearsal so we can
make arrangements as needed.

Thank you again for making this a success.

Always Blue.

The Reading Buccaneer Alumni Association Drum and Bugle Corps
is proud to announce the newest addition to our instructional staff .
World Drum Corps "Hall of Fame"and Reading Buccaneer "Hall of Fame" member
John Flowers

Auditions for our 2017 season are continuing.
Please plan to attend our next Rehearsal
on Friday February 3rd at the
Location to be announced.....Time:  7:30PM
John still has a few open spots in the
2017 Drumline for
Intermediate and Experienced Drummers
please contact President Randy Mutter at
Todays  Drum & Bugle Corps
One of the Reading Buccaneers "founding fathers" was 'a guy
with a passion', as were they all......
It was a summer day in the mid-1950s when on the steps of Reading High,
Carl L. Bagenstose and his four friends would meet to merge their shared musical
interest into a singular entity.
Back from their military service and aged out of other local junior corps horn and
drum lines, the meeting would establish Bagenstose, Bruce Englehart, Ron Fisher, Roy
Miller and George "Fitz" Price as the founding fathers of the Reading Buccaneers
Drum & Bugle Corps, which 60 years later, continues to hit the musical notes and
rack up the championship honors.

With  Carl's Jan. 20, 2016  death at the age of 89, that  leaves just Bruce  Englehart as
the sole surviving founding father of the corps.
A Navy veteran, Carl grew up in northwest Reading, where his passion for music was
cultivated from a young age.
"Our father was quartermaster of VFW Post 179, and that organization decided they
wanted to have a drum and bugle corps," Carl's sister, Fern Graul recalled. "All of the
members' children joined the drum and bugle corps. Carl would've been 12."
At that time, he played the bugle. An ear operation for mastoiditis, however, would
lead to a switch to drums just a few years later.
At Reading High, Carl played in all the musical orchestra bands, said Graul.
"He enjoyed it, he really did," she said. "And he loved to walk, so marching was not a

Following graduation in 1944, Carl joined the Navy in the Air crewman program,
before returning from the service and with his friends, laying the groundwork for the
future Buccaneers in 1956.
Together, the five launched the Reading Buccaneers Sr. Drum & Bugle Corps as a
competitive organization in 1958. The Buccaneers would go on to win the VFW
National Championship in 1960, 1961 and 1962, the final year they were held -
becoming the youngest, first and only corps to ever accomplish the feat.

The Buccaneers subsequently won the first-ever Drum Corps Associates world
championship in 1965 and again in 1968, before going on to win an additional 12
championships in the decades that followed.
All the while, Carl worked as an insurance auditor - most recently at Choice Point
Commercial Specialists in Jenkintown, Montgomery County - and served as a
member of American Legion Reber-Moore Post 635.
"Carl sort of ended his day-to-day, week-to-week involvement in the corps back in the
'60s and '70s. He got involved in the alumni side of things, and was just basically one
of  the Competing Corps biggest fans."

........ Carl Bagenstose , Ron Fisher and George Price were all named to the
Reading Buccaneers Hall of Fame in 2007.
......... Bruce Englehart and Roy Miller were named to the
Reading Buccaneers Hall of Fame in  1995.