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Todays  Drum & Bugle Corps HISTORY LESSON
"Our Alumni D&B Corps"
Invites ALL Buccaneers young and old......Interested in joining us ?
Even if you are
NOT a former Buccaneer and  wanted to be a part of a Drum Corps
but didn't know what to do.......and if you can still play, we can rekindle the flame from within.
This may be  
YOUR   time to check us out.
Reading Buccaneer Alumni Performing  Drum and Bugle Corps.
We long to see all our "Buccaneer Family" on deck,and welcome anyone who just wants to play again.
Even if you never marched with  a Drum & Bugle Corps,

Remember, New Members are  ALWAYS WELCOME.
For more info, contact
President Rob Danner  rldrdg118@aol.com

Greetings Gang.

Just want to put out a little update to let you know we’re still here and still thinking about y’all.

I am at this time shocked and saddened to report that another mate has passed on from this wretched virus. Lee Derr,
percussionist and Honor Guard Captain. As I was beginning to send a new message the phone rings and Barb is telling
me this just happened, and I am like – I can’t believe I am hearing this. Please send the Derr family our encompassing
Blue Family Buccaneer love, prayers and keep them tight in your thoughts. I will send out more details as we get them.

I am also saddened and sorry to relay that our Reilly girl refugee, Marian “Mom” Bac has passed away. On Wednesday
afternoon I got the message from her daughter Merry. I know that all who knew her were praying for her comfort and
love. Cards can be sent to the Bac Family at 3071 Gilbert Drive, Bensalem, PA 19020. Mom Bac motored around on her
“Rascal” with her baritone mounted in order to participate in any and every event she could in spite of battling cancer
for years. She was also a member of the Reilly Raiders. Her daughter, Merry is our Alumni Association Secretary, also a
baritone and flag spinner having been a member of the Buccaneers competing corps. I am sure having these two
generations able to perform together will be a lasting memory for Merry that many families are not able to experience.
Please keep the Bac family in your thoughts and prayers. More information to follow as it becomes available.

Thankfully, John Sando weathered the storm, but Norma took it a bit harder, the good news is she made it out of the
hospital and is home recuperating.

We are also keeping up prayers for Doreen Mutter’s parents that contracted CV-19

In association business, everything still remains at a standstill – still waiting for all this to clear up. Naturally, while we
miss our friends and comradery, we want to be sure everyone is and stays as healthy as possible. A little more on that

Randy Mutter continues to collect dues, for which I really appreciate the way he jumped in and ran with this project.
Contact him for info 610-929-1254 or send him a check at 3300 Freemont Street, Laureldale, PA 19605.  Dues are
$20.00 for the Association and performance fee is $30.00. One of the biggest subjects of conversation at our meetings
is what, as an association are things we can do together while being apart. Suggestions welcome.

The new Lottery Raffle starts next Monday Feb 1st, with the first chance to win the big $5K Prize. WHAT!?

Yes, Did you realize that if you win on the 1st and match the same number again on the 15th it makes your ten dollar
purchase worth $5000.00, This occurs again if your number on the 15th is drawn again on the 30th. In fact I guess that
even leaves that chance that someone could match the 1st, 15th, and 30th, it could total 10K / Don’t quote me on that,
I am thinking it sounds logical…...but I don’t run the lottery LOL. There is a winner almost every single day.  Where
else can you get a ten dollar ticket that is good for FOUR month’s worth of daily numbers. If you need tickets yet,
quick give Mike Luckenbill a call 610-327-4058 and if you, like me still need to send in your cash that address is 254
Evergreen Road, Pottstown, PA 19464.   

We also currently are selling a T-shirt through a vendor which has a neat anchor composed of a treble clef for the
shank and rope with the Buc B on the crown. Here is the official info……

Be the first on your DOCK to have this limited edition t-shirt featuring The Anchor, The Clef and The B.  bit.

The Anchor - strong bond, deep, enduring and invincible. This is one of the greatest and most intense meanings
represented by this symbol. Its purpose was to hold ships to the bottom of the sea, thus making it safe for everyone on
board. Over time it was only natural that the anchor became a symbol of secure, solid, meaningful ties.

The Clef - music is part of our journey and what ties us together. The "Balance in Blue" is known for being the most
musical corps in the genre. What better symbol is there for musicality?

The B - it's the "B", one of the most recognized symbols the Buccaneer Family has. We're all good men!!!!!!

Part of the proceeds goes directly to the Reading Buccaneers All-Age Drum & Bugle Corps.

Order now: bit.ly/buccaneersalumni

For more information call:

Don Kline / VP Bucs Alumni


Please everyone, do what you can to stay safe and healthy.  Let us know how you’re doing and stay in touch. We want
so much to get to see every one as soon as possible and share our great Blue Family.


Rob Danner 484-599-0182

The "ANCHOR"Publication
has been placed on the web site for all to enjoy.
"Click on The Anchor  to DOWNLOAD the complete PDF File"
For members having issues with the PDF download,
CLICK HERE for a Word Document.