The Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps
The Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps was formed in 1987 to satisfy a desire on the part of former members of the
Buccaneers who wished to continue to perform in the drum and bugle corps venue, but with a lesser time commitment
than the competing unit requires. The Alumni Corps does not compete, but performs in street parades and concerts.
Even though the Alumni Corps has a less demanding rehearsal and performance schedule, and is more informal than the
Buccaneers, it is no less concerned with its own musical sensibilities. The Reading Buccaneers' standards of performance
excellence and Buccaneer pride have naturally carried over into the Alumni Corps.
How To Contact Us About Joining or Performing
Interested in contacting us about performing in a concert or parade?
The Alumni Corps does not perform on the field of competition, nor does it do a field drill show.
It plays in street parades and in standstill concerts.
Randy Mutter at or Rob Danner at
Our 2014 Instructional Staff and Drum Major
Staff & Show Coordinator - Executive Commitee
Brass Instructor ... Jeff Kolb
Percussion Instructor ... Chris Arnold
Color Guard Instructors ...Norma Sandoe
Drum Major ... Jay Landis
Members range in age from 14 years old to 65 or more.
Ninety percent of the corps' members are former members of the Reading Buccaneers.
Most of the remaining 10 percent of the members are spouses and children of these former members. The
balance of the remaining 10 percent just want to play in a parade corps that has a limited schedule.
Some may have marched in other corps in the past. Others may have marched in a high school or college band,
and want to get a taste of drum corps, to see whether they might want to later step up to the Senior Corps.
There are 10 married couples in the Alumni Corps, most of these having met in the drum corps activity. We have
parents and children performing together quite frequently.
This is truly a family environment!
Our 2015 Show


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