Some thoughts from Kenn Greene

I first became friends with Ned when we both marched in the
ist section of the Bucs. All six years that I was there so was
Ned. As to how long he marched in Rdg I do not remember.
Ned got his first start in drum corps with
A corps from Sch. Haven. He marched with Rainbow Fire
Company Drum Corps. When they disbanded he went to
Rdg. This is a true fact, Ned was the indiv.
That told me That the Belvederes needed a horn instructor.
That is how I came to The Belvederes. Actually the first
equipment and uniforms were from the Rainbow Drum
Corps. Ned helped teach the Belvederes for about three
years. He was always there to help me. I know in years of the
Belvederes I would be upset about "anything". Ned would
say "Now you Know things will get better, just give it time."
Many times I would just Look at Ned at practice and we
would just smile at each other. I would Say "yes I know just
give it time". That was a standing joke just between
the two of us. He was always had a positive outlook in any
subject aboutdrum corps.

If you google Rdg Bucs Drum Corps (not their website) there
is articles About the corps history. On one of those listing is
a photo of the ist Sop section in a parade in RDG.
I showed this picture at the United Corps In Hamburg.  
The first person on the right is Bruce Englehart, Rdg soloist,
Myself and Ned and four other 1st sopranos.

Not to change the subject but Bruce Englehart, marched in
the Hamburg parade with us. He was at practice Friday and
he introduced himself to me. He is 79 Years old. After the
H-burg parade he told me this was a dream come true.
And at his side was Ned echoing the same comments.

We lost as true drum corps enthusiast.

Thoughts from the Belvedere Alumni
NED BALDINGER - A great loss

Ned Baldinger's passing is a great loss to the Belvedere
Alumni.  Ned was always positive, up-beat and happy.  
He was very instrumental in getting the Belvederes
organized in 1965 and was most helpful with the Alumni.
It was through Ned that the alumni was able to purchase
our used bugles from an alumni corps in New Jersey.  
Whenever his health would permit, he was sure to join us
at practice or in parades.  
We will miss him very, very much.
Many thanks to the Facebook Photo postings of:
Randy Mutter
Ron Gehris
Frank & Linda Ferraro
Diane Brotzman Koenig
Thoughts from Robert Miller

A Buccaneer went home today
and many here are tearful.
Our hearts and souls though broken now,
will mend as we stay faithful
His light shines bright and will remain
to guide us in what lies ahead.
And young musicians with high ambitions will seek out
those just like Ned
And should your smile ever fade from the minds of the Corps
it will surely appear radiant - when we're face to face once more.

So long Friend.