Monday February 18th, 2019

Good evening,

I would like to thank all of our performing members for a great rehearsal Friday evening in West Lawn. The show is sounding better every week.

Our next get together is a hopefully quick meeting on Tuesday evening 7:30 at Paolo's Prizza / Restaurant 2480 Lancaster Ave., Shillington, PA.19607. The
main purpose of the meeting will be geared at setting up committees that can organize events and help meet some of our goals. Ideas such as social events,
group trips to contests, (maybe even some non D.C. concerts) setting up information stands at various events, enhancing our support of the competition
corps, fundraising and some support operations within the performing portion of the Alunmi experience. All are welcome - especially those looking for
such activities.... bring your ideas. Paolo's has a full menu so you can grab a bite there while we chat.

The headliner to this email though, is our first performance of the 2019 season.
While it will not be the 2019 show, it will be a bit of an icebreaker to put some of the music
we are carrying over from last year back in a performance mode situation.
A couple warm-ups to get us in the mood. So here is the rundown.

By 12:00 Noon - ready to rock & rehearse.  I know it sounds early, but there is a crowd coming in behind us to fill the lot, so early is good.

DIRECTIONS to Daniel Boone High School
501 Chestnut Street, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 19508

Chestnut Street is also known as PA Rte 345.
Coming out of the Reading area - head east on 422 or 724 (your choice since they are parallel) until you get to 345 South
(this was formerly known as Rte 82)
Coming off 422 come into Birdsboro on Route 345 and once you cross the new bridges turn left onto 724 E / 345 S, at the second light,

For those coming in 724 turn right technically staying on 724, now combined with 345 which then 345 makes  a quick.
Follow 345 for & 724 East for just over a half mile and 345 turns right onto Chestnut Street.
( I think they put a traffic light there. I kind of drive through there on auto pilot)
Proceed on Chestnut not quite a half mile and Daniel Boone High School is on the left. Sits off the road a bit, so keep your eye out.

Coming form the south and east your approach obviously will be a bit different. Rte 345 does come up through the Elverson area, however it is a bit windy.
You may want to  lean towards 176 or 422 depwnding on where you're coming from.

From the northeast area coming down 100 to 422 or 724 west will get you there.

Feel free to call me if you need more info.

Bring full dress uniform ( that is the fancy one ) with the aussie hat and plume.  

We will rehearse from 12 to about 2-2:30.
Rehearsal will touch on the new music to help get it in our heads and then we will run through the music to be performed in the evening.
Which is in order
1. Eternal Father,
2. America from 29,
3. Patriot's Prayer,
4. Beyond the Sea.
5, Birdland with contra solo and revised ending.

Percussion may go a little longer if Mike wants to. T
hen we'll break until a little before show time, which is approximated to be around 7:00 PM.
This is a BIG Indoor guard show and we would like to give the fans a bit of a break musically from a day long of taped music guard shows and very solid
percussion performances.

We will also be manning an information stand promoting ourselves, Music in the Mountians' and most likely Spring Preview.
So please, we're looking for a good turnout.

Thanks again for all you do so I can have fun playing my horn, Y.I.B.,

Rob Danner

Buc Alumni Pres/3rd Sop