Captains Log. 3 JAN 2020.

What I feared would be a rough sea brewing had all the signs. So close to the holidays, information from all watches was late in
arriving. Lots of time getting consumed by supporting non drum corps stuff (work, family, illness, do this, do that) communication
networks limping along - I felt very much in the doldrums. Hurry up and wait! seemed to be the motto of the month.

Th closer we got to the mission time, the more things seemed to be broken. The 1st Mate’s 1st mate gets taken out injured, the drum
line scatters, horns stranded on both coastlines California and New Jersey and the Wench from the Great White North is AWOL.
How can this be.???

1930 hrs. Miserable rainy foggy dark - Dammit Jeff! Hoist the colors - Full speed ahead!

By the time we cleared the decks, we pounded out the latest new chart from upper left to lower right, and then gave it a full broadside
and ran the 2020 show from start to finish. It may not’ve been pretty, but who said war was pretty. But I did actually see the GOB
Chief smile once. It is January 3rd Mates! That’s givin’em hell Blackbeard.

If you missed that boat,- fear not. All Hands On Deck as The Buc Alumni D&B set sail on another battle, Friday, 17 JAN 2020 at 7:
30pm. Muhlenberg High is the designated Port of Call, but always be ready for the surprise attack. If you have any friends, especially
of those battery types (you know the ones that make music with sticks) bring them around, we’ll string them up on the yardarm and
check their salt. There are all sizes of cannons waiting for action - snare, tenor and base. Send me a bottle to
presidentbucsalumni@gmail.com and I’ll send you back some blubber (or maybe some scrapple - blubber is hard to get these days)