It is here! Only five days away!

FIRST REHEARSAL -  Friday, November 22, 2019 at 7:30 pm Muhlenberg Twp High School, 400 Sharp Ave, Reading, PA 19605 in the Music
Rooms. We’ve been calling this membership night, but after a few announcements we’ll get into some music. Again we ask that members make
sure their member forms are up to date. This is only important if you want to be treated quickly by a medical unit if you become unconscious
while we are together as a group. I hate to say never say never but we have had some scary situations over the years including a ride in a helicopter.
It is better to be prepared. We ask this every year, however it rarely actually happens. Dues are also now payable and remain at $20 to join the
association and $30 performer’s fee. These extra fees help pay for  those things we do, but trust me do not cover them completely. Bring a friend,
bring some family, you can even just come out and visit – see the old gang.

The music for this year’s closer “Something Beyond” was sent out via email. I sent the PDF files from my rldrdg118@aol.com account.  If you did not
receive it and are planning to play concerts in 2020 please contact me and I will send it ASAP. I also discovered that by using Gmail I can send out
files up to 25mb and that files over 25mb are tucked away in Gmail world somewhere and a link is sent allowing you to open and save the
download. This will allow me to send out the play-along files which turned out being much larger than in the past. I will start pushing them out
tonight. Hopefully it goes fast. I do not know how they will be received on the other end. If you can only send out 1 or 2 meg, you can probably only
get that. In a test email Jay was able to open the full score play-along on Hotmail, so I have high hopes.

Of course you can also work on the music holdovers – Scheherazade, LaFiesta, and Patriots Prayer.

On Tuesday evening November 12, a group of us met at the La Cantina Italian Restaurant near Mohnton. While we kicked around a few items,
most of the conversation surrounded the music copyrights along with some discussion on selecting a new chart to replace Birdland as it reached
its third year of use. Other discussion again surrounded formation of some committees to handle social events and non performance tasks at
various drum corps events. We will bring up some of these topics on Friday night briefly, It is my hope that we can get some more involvement as
an association in things outside performing. Our social events rest largely on our input as a social activity.

Remember these dates….

November 30th Buccaneers Annual Banquet

December 1 Buccaneers Membership Day

December 6      Buc Alumni Rehearsal

Christmas Brass. Practice Dates are Wednesday 04 DEC and Thursday 12 DEC, 7 PM to 9 PM at The St Ignatious School, 2700 St. Alban’s Drive,
West Lawn, PA 19609. Performance date is Saturday December 14th 1st concert is at 10:00 AM at the Keystone Villa in Fleetwood the second
concert is at 1:15 PM at the Manor Care in Sinking Spring. Contact Ken K. at 610-451-0045 tubabone@ptd.net or Al Cola at 484-207-8382
opticianalfredo@aol.com The following is a subliminal message: Remember your music books!

For Association info contact Rob Danner, presidentbucsalumni@gmail.com 484-599-0182