The Captain wants
to read this
important info.
John was saying the drumline did about a 110% better job at the evening performance over the afternoon
rehearsal and I have to say we could all agree with that.Thank you line - keep working it.

We know Jeff felt there were good spots and bad spots with our hornline performance
and that overall it felt somewhat weak.

After talking with him he suggests this to all of us - more low tones for further endurance build up. Also try low
tones then practice show and as you feel fatigue back to low tones to relax and the practice tunes some more.
You won’t get as frustrated and will play longer again building endurance. Also Jeff recommends to pay
attention to open throat and more use of you diaphragm which will reduce pressure on the chops and reduce
the pinching effect from the chops because of early fatigue.

Honor Guard and Color Guard thank you for your work and contribution to our performance. Color Guard the
new uniforms look great and bring back memories of a time gone by. Keep up the work.

We are right back at it this coming weekend on Saturday at the Reilly Show. We all report to be warming up
together at 1:00 PM, and again it is great to have help getting the drum equipment where it needs to be in a
timely fashion. We have the stage from 1:30 to 2:00 to get a feel for the over all sound in the auditorium. Please
be prepared to possibly work after the stage time as a group hopefully outdoors. Keep in mind there is not a
Friday rehearsal prior to this show.

We are to be on que by 7:50 PM for our performance time of 8:00 to 8:20 PM.  

The plan is to pick up the van on Friday night. The departure will hopefully take place at Muhlenberg Middle
School parking lot. (I will check on this to b sure). We will have to depart no later than 10:30 AM. That is giving
us time to find our storage/change area, unload and move drum equipment, warm up and get to stage by 1:30.
God help us - no vehicle issues.

The fee for the van ride will be $25.00 as told. We will say that once returned and the math is complete if we
over extended the charge we will divy and return, but not to exceed the $25 charge. We are not trying to make
money off this adventure.

Last but not least, Jeff is not able to attend this show and Jay has a funeral to attend in the morning but will be
there for the performance that evening.

We are going to need complete focus and cooperation during this day to get done what we need to do to make
it an improvement over our first show. Please prepare yourself this week so we can all enjoy the experience.

As always  - Being  Part of this Crew is Being Part of the complete Ship