Hi Folks.

It has been awhile and the while has been a very busy time for me at work and with family as I am sure it has been
for everyone. Please remember to keep the chops working and the music fresh. 

A quick Thanks to all that participated at The Buccaneers Friends & Family Day. For as nice as the day was, that
wind was very distracting for so many reasons. We got great reviews on the summer uniform reveal and I think it
was a comfortable fit. We gave out the Ned Scholarship to a great group of Buccaneer performers. The Ned
Scholarship is funded by the income from the last parade in the Alumni's schedule which is dedicated to carrying
on Ned Baldinger's support of his Buccaneers. Members in need of financial aid for dues are considered for the
support by expressing their knowledge of the corps history as well as their financial needs. With the rising costs of
the drum corps activity, we only wish we could provide more. Parades are getting tougher to get through for the
aging alumni, but the cause in Ned's name is worth it to many of us. If Thirty of us can muster ourselves for a
couple hours on a Saturday night in October we can keep Ned's work alive for years. You know Ned would be
there. We also distributed financial aid to the corps from the Alumni sponsored raffle which Mike Luckenbill
tirelessly conducts twice per year. And wow the Bucs sent us home with great anticipation for another fantastic
season of entertainment.  And followed up with that at Wildwood from what I hear.

And now back to future business......

Please let us know what your participation levels will be for the following events.
Call, e-mail, text, Facebook what ever. 

04 JULY 2019 Wyomissing Independence Day Parade. We all love it. A nice morning venue with a BIG crowds,
fairly flat, a lot of shade. Meet at the Atonement Lutheran Church, 5 Wyomissing Blvd. Wyomissing, PA 19610 just
off Penn Ave. It is IMPORTANT to NOTE the SUMMER UNIFORM is our new blue (yeah I'll say it once)
Bowling Shirts, black pants, black socks, black shoes, and gloves with our new blue ball caps. Last years garb is
retired. I strongly recommend that you come on out to Friday's rehearsal to get fitted up if you're not a regular
and intend to march on the fourth. Along with working the show Friday, we will run through "America from 29" for
the parade. You know how these parades go, It is hurry up and wait and before you know it we're moving down the
street. There isn't as much time before the parade as you think. Trying on shirts is not in the forecast.

06 JULY Saturday The Buc's "other" Home Show = The Classic in Landisville, PA More info later. A late change in
the venue b rings the Commandant's Own US Marine Corps Drum & Bugle Corps. At this time we are not sure
how that is going to affect the performance schedule. We were originally scheduled before the show. It may not
change anything. We are looking at the possibility of an early rehearsal, followed by a little picnic and relaxation
and then a quick rewarming do our show and then we can observe the remainder of the show.  This will take some
help, maybe we can coordinate this and all bring a little something for the effort. We'll talk Friday night. 

Members on the mend. Norma Sando is out of the hospital, feeling better and running John through the paces.
Merideth Boc has had a little bout of trouble and lastly John Signeri says nothing will make your back feel better
than chasing flag tosses in the wind. (Well that isn't exactly what he said) We wish them all well and pray the
winds blow fair in their direction. Unfortunate news and our prayers to Stan Lecatsus, an early Buccaneer (French
horn) and his family who lost his wive two weeks ago. Stan and his wife were regulars in the stands when ever they
could get to local shows.

Follow the BUCS  "Sounds on the Susquehanna" Saturday 22 JUN 2019 7 PM to 11PM at the Milton High School
Stadium, 700 Mahoning Street, Milton PA 17847     Sponsored by The Keystoners Drum & Bugle Corps.

Rob Danner, BAA Pres, 3rd Sop

presidentbucsalumni@gmail.com 484-599-0182