NEXT UP on our schedule is the first fall parade. “The Temple Halloween Parade.” This is a big gig for us for a number of reasons.
First, a big crowd and as always - we want to give that crowd a show, Secondly we must remember this is a payback show to Temple’
s Parks & Rec Board  for providing us with rehearsal sites all last year.  
Here is the skinny…………..  In the Temple Parade People's words,

Division III of the Temple Halloween Parade scheduled on Saturday, October 6, 2018, starting promptly at 6:00PM (Rain date:  
Sunday, October 7, at 4:00PM). BUCS  line-up location is on the main High School parking lot.   Arrive for line up no later than 5:
15PM on parade day (Rain date: 3:15PM).  Look for someone wearing an orange vest for direction.  Parade staff will be available
from 4:30PM to 5:30PM (Rain date: 2:30PM to 3:30PM).  Kutztown Rd. closes at 5:45PM, so you may want to advise your
participants to come in from 5th St. Highway to South Temple Blvd (the old McCarthy Tire) to 5th Ave., up to the school and
Sharp Ave.

Ok, here is our interpretation.  First! If Anyone does not know where the Muhlenberg High School is - PLEASE CALL ME. When
you come down Sharp Street, where one would turn left to the school, turn right into the parking lot. It is where we often have
practice outside. The info packet from the parade people give this location as an overflow lot and they are not letting non-parade
vehicles turn right into the staging area lot in front of the school… So if you don’t get to this lot early, it will probably fill quickly
which could equal a long walk. SUGGESTION - CAR POOLS.

Get together with some of your mates and arrange to park cars at the end of the parade then carpool to the beginning. There is a
lot just behind and across from the 5th Street Dairy Queen that could be a good staging point. This IS the lot where the parade
ends. If you shoot to meet there by 5 you should be in good shape – Earlier is better.   Need more info CALL ME.

UNIFORM – The weather soothsayers at The Weather Channel are predicting 68 degrees and rain for Saturday. Hmmmmm,For
what that is worth. If we see a change, we will Broadcast it. That said, The Uniform of the Day will be the Full Dress Uniform. Please
bring the baseball hat in case it gets really rainy. We will not chance the plumes and those Aussies don’t do well in the rain either.  
Be prepared with both of our headgear, also might not hurt to pick up a cheap poncho or have rain gear handy. We can be flexible.  
If those people are willing to stand in the rain to see us, we ought to be ready to give them all we got – but we won’t ruin those
plumes. We will have our standard warm-ups at 6 PM simultaneous with the parade start. We will also try to take time to work on
rounding the corners a bit better. We can refine these corners – Thankfully this parade has only two left turns.  If it takes too much
time to get moving we can do a secondary warm-up as we see Division II slither away.

TWO SONGS – 1. America  2. Beyond the Sea  AT Reviewing Stands America - Horns snap down - Roll off - Beyond the Sea – so the
horns come back up in waves – (Baris and Contras – we’ll talk!) There may be multiple reviewing stands.

The PARADE EVENT will be posted on our Facebook page – PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW YOU’RE COMING (I love
screamers!) It is more fun when YOU are there. We only get out what we put in.  Let’s kick some Temple Brass.

CHRISTMAS BRASS - From AL COLA - 2 Shows lined up for SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15th – SAVE THAT DATE. More info will
be forth coming as Ken Kemmerer lines up the music and rehearsal dates….

THE WILLIE MARCKS AWARD The nominations are in. The votes are tallied. The word from Award chairperson Don is the Sound
of Silence!                            What? – Let me tell you that is a miracle! I was beginning to believe it was impossible. Wanna know the
Winner?  Sign up for the Bucs Banquet….                       That’s apparently when I will find out too. The scurvy rat–basta…. Well you


We haven’t spoke in a while - so what is new? Well Wilber, we got the truck back from George Krauch and it is all shiny inside.
George did awesome putting the finishing touches on the work that Paul Kramer and he did. Take a peek inside next time you see
the war wagon.  We missed a lot of you at our Sept 21 rehearsal, where we focused on some M&M, as noted above – cornering.
Then we played some music – a couple run throughs of America and B.T.Sea. Then we pulled out just the “keeper” concert music,
Patriots Prayer and Birdland, introducing a slight twist to the Birdland format. I think we’ll find it exciting to play and hopefully a
crowd pleaser. (Yes, yes! We only need to do that one so many times a night.)  I am SOOOO looking forward to November 16th!  

As always, I like to hear your thoughts. My email is presidentbucsalumni@gmail.com  phone #484-599-0182, and don’t forget the
handy comments tab on the Alumni web site.. Which you should visit often, (because George Angstadt is counting...... Thank you,


October 6th Saturday evening Temple Parade  (Let’s keep our fingers crossed for clear skies and following winds so we don’t need
to think about Sunday the 7th.)

October 13th Saturday Morning Millersville Parade

October 20th Saturday evening Mohnton Parade

November 4th Sunday afternoon Robesonia Parade

November 15th Friday evening 1st Rehearsal

November 17th Saturday morning Reading Holiday Parade