A Message from our 2018-2020 President
Another year has come and gone in Buc Alumni land as we held our 2018 annual meeting. Randy
and Doreen Mutter put together an exceptional event with the help of some others, for us to
review the year past and get the next year under way.

Cheers to the meeting crew.
Norma and company arranged a side party for Michelle and future Buc Glorianna, seems this
child will have a ton of "blue aunts and uncles."
It was just great to see so many of the Buc family, got to throw some jabs out in fun and lots and
lots of hugs, especially for the snow birds that we don't get to see regularly.
Sad that so many of our friends were not there, some because we know they are together in
another realm, but still in our hearts.

After a tough election we set our sites on our Big Sounds in Motion Show, DCA events, the fall
parade season and the 2019 program.
I want to thank all the participants in this years election.
It was the first time in a long time for contested positions and we had to sit through those long
drawn out campaign speeches. (What, lasted all of 4.5 minutes?)

So to Our new Alumni Committee, best of luck. Under Randy's command we saw many things
come to fruition which sets the group up for future success. Rob Danner, Pres., Don Kline VP,
Mike Luckenbill Treasurer, Bea Tunmer, Business Mgr., and John Sando, Secretary.

George Angstadt and Jay Landis have been part of the crew for a long time and we thank them
for stepping up to meet the challenge of considering an office and I know that they will
continue their efforts to be part of the crew.
I personally encourage members to communicate to us and let us know what you are thinking.
Without a crew - this ship goes nowhere.